Primary Health Care

Our veterinary services include:

General consultation and treatment of sick or wounded animals
All animals have a pre-consultation weigh in. The spacious consultation rooms are fitted with state of the art equipment to ensure the necessary care of your pets.

Specialist and general surgery
A diverse range of surgical procedures are conducted at the Practice. Intravenous fluids, a wide range of antibiotics as well as supportive medications are used. Separate recovery rooms are allocated for dogs and cats to limit their levels of stress whilst in recovery.

All vaccinations are administered at the clinic. Rabies vaccinations are offered free of charge each Wednesday between 8am and 12pm. Prior appointments are necessary.

We have an on-site microscope, centrifuge, and microhaematocrit machine, and are able to conduct in-house serological tests. Other blood tests are outsourced to either Vet Diagnostix or Lancet Laboratories. Laboratory results have a turn-around time of six to twelve hours.

Basic ultrasonography is undertaken to identify abdominal or splenic tumours, bladder stones, liver disease, pregnancy and other soft tissue disorders.

We have a state of the art digital imaging system. X-rays are taken, developed and interpreted on site.

Nurse Consultations
Our Veterinary Nurses run Senior Wellness Clinics, and offer free rabies vaccination each Wednesday between 8am and 12pm.

We use inhalation anaesthesia for maintenance of all our anaesthetics. Our brand new anaesthesia equipment uses Sevoflurane gas, as it is the safest inhalation anaesthetic on the market. We also provide oxygen therapy to our geriatric patients, or patients with breathing difficulties.

Our Practice is equipped with a dental scaler, drill and polisher in order to perform up to date dentistry.

We stock a wide range of veterinary diets and are happy to place orders for alternate brands on your behalf. Our Nurses are available to advise you on all aspects of pet nutrition and diet.

Puppy Parties
Pre-advertised courses are held over a six week period for puppies of three months of age. The course covers pet socialisation and behavioural skills and provides pet owners with a scope of valuable information.

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